Juva Truffle Center has received hundreds of tuber-like truffles since 2007 from Finns, to identify the samples as real/fake truffles. Some of the findings were fake truffles the pictures of which are shown below. Real truffles have been recorded and identified from the Finnish areas and cities as shown in the picture below and in the Finnish map.

Map showing locations of findings of truffles in Finland

We have identified the tuber species growing naturally in Finland by DNA analysis and the results have been published in an international scientific journal with international well-known truffle scientists.

JTC continues to receive tuber samples every year from Finns for identification.

Wild Finnish truffles

There are also several truffle-like mushrooms growing in Finland. These “fake truffles” are not edible, and one should avoid touching them as a precautionary measure.
Such fake truffles found in the forest or in the backyard/garden should not be eaten even if they look like real truffles. We encourage you to send the sample to JTC for species identification.

In the following pictures, there are some examples of such “fake truffles”.